Furnished & serviced apartments for project workers

When it comes to relocating your project-based workforce, providing comfortable accommodations can make a significant impact on their overall experience. At Movinn, we specialize in assisting companies like yours with fully furnished and serviced apartments designed specifically for project-based workers on temporary assignment.

A modern kitchen with a wooden countertop
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A trusted supplier for all project workers

Since our establishment in 2014, we have helped numerous companies seamlessly relocate their project-based workforce by providing flexible and hassle-free short-term rentals. Our apartments are thoughtfully equipped with all the necessary amenities, ensuring that your employees can settle in quickly and focus on their important work.

Convenience and accessibility are central to our offerings. Our strategically located apartments provide easy access to project sites, industrial zones, and transportation hubs. Whether your workforce is engaged in construction, infrastructure development, or any other project-based assignment, we have the ideal accommodations to support their needs.


Discover your new home away from home

Our locations stretch across major cities in Denmark and Sweden, including a choice between multiple neighbourhoods so you can find your perfect fit.

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Settling in the Movinn way


Supporting the relocation of your project-based workforce

At Movinn, we are committed to creating a comfortable and welcoming environment for your project-based workforce during their temporary stay. We provide cost-effective and comfortable accommodations designed specifically for project workers, ensuring a smooth transition and enhanced productivity.


Partner with us for a seamless transition

No deposit

We understand the financial considerations that come with relocating a project-based workforce. That's why we don't require a deposit from clients with structured supplier agreements. You only pay for the rent and fixed utilities while we take care of everything else, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Short termination notice

The nature of project-based work can be dynamic, and we recognize the need for flexibility. With a focus on your convenience, we offer a short 30-day termination notice for all company clients. This gives you the freedom to adapt to changing project requirements without incurring unnecessary expenses.

A livingroom with a modern kitchen
A bedroom with a cosy bed

Full cost transparency

Transparency is essential in managing your budget effectively. At Movinn, we believe in providing full cost transparency. We operate with a straightforward pricing model, consisting of rent and utilities. You won't encounter any surprises like final cleaning fees or unforeseen expenses. The price you see is the price for a full month's rental.

No refurbishment liability

When it's time to move out, the last thing you want is the burden of refurbishment responsibilities. With Movinn, you can rest easy, as we assume full internal refurbishment responsibility. Simply pack your belongings and go, leaving behind a great service experience. We believe in building strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

Apartment switching option

We understand the importance of client and employee satisfaction. That's why we provide a convenient apartment switching option. In case your workforce isn't satisfied with their current apartment, they can easily switch to a better-suited available option, hassle-free. Our lease agreements are designed for simplicity and flexibility, ensuring your needs are met.


Flexibility, service, and quality: That's what our existing clients say

A kitchen area of one of the movinn apartments

"From my perspective Movinn has been the go-to temp. apartment provider since they opened for business, and they remain the answer to most of our short -term accommodation challenges across Denmark.

"From my perspective Movinn has been the go-to temp. apartment provider since they opened for business, and they remain the answer to most of our short -term accommodation challenges across Denmark.

The quality of apartments is really second to none, and we have been able to count on their support and flexibility more times than I can recall. Whether it is a last-minute request in Odense, a 1½ month lease in Aarhus, an elevator must have, young assignees looking for shared accommodation or the senior transferee expecting the highest quality and prime location, we have been able to rely on Movinn for a solution.

Movinn's modern rental concept including digital communication, no key logistics to manage, complementary monthly cleaning and a “let's fix – attitude” just sits really well with the tenants we assist.

We will be back for more"

A kitchen area of one of the movinn apartments

Mads Christian Wikke,

Sales Director


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Paving the road for successful project outcomes

Relocating your project-based workforce comes with the challenge of ensuring their comfort and well-being in a new city. At Movinn, we prioritize their seamless transition through offering complimentary services to create a worry-free accommodation experience. We understand the importance of their work, and are happy to provide them with the following inclusive services throughout all our apartments:


Comparing upfront expenses

A regular, unfurnished and unserviced apartment can cost you a lot of money in upfront expenses. Other than a substantial financial commitment, you will most likely also spend a lot of time in the process.




Monthly rent

10.000 Dkk

15.000 Dkk

Buying new furniture, kitchenware, electronics, etc.

60.000 Dkk

0 Dkk

Moving & shipping fees

2.500 Dkk

0 Dkk

Assembling furniture, installations, etc.

A lot of money or time


Prepaid rent (1-3 months)

10.000 Dkk

0 Dkk

Cash security deposit*

30.000 Dkk

0 Dkk

Other unforeseen costs (5%)

3.000 Dkk

0 Dkk


115.500 Dkk

15.000 Dkk

And of course

Additional opportunity costs, time and other stress factors

A stress-free and easy process

*No deposit required from corporate clients; 1 month applicable for private tenants


Furnished with high quality Danish design made to last


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The marble church in copenhagen underneath a pink sunset