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What is the minimum rental period?

3 months is the minimum rental period, unless you have a structural company agreement with us. In structural company agreements, 1 month is the minimum rental period. Other than that there is no upper limit. Stay as long as you like.

What is the difference between 'short-term' and 'long-term'?

Short-term: 1-3 months.

Long-term: 3+ months.

Long-term pricing is visible under each apartment. Kindly be advised, that Short-term rentals are only available for companies that have a structural company agreement with us.

Do you require a security deposit?

Unless you have a specific company agreement, security deposites are between 1-3 months depending on different factors.

What happens to my security deposit?

When you vacate your serviced apartment, we do a move out inspection. If the apartment is returned with no damages or defaults and all due rent is paid timely, the security deposite will of course be returned in full. The normal process time is up to 4 weeks from move out, from inspection, to reporting, to approval policies to transfer of funds.

Cancellation policy

Booked apartments can be cancelled free of charge 14 days or more before the move in date. Other than that, Termination notices stated in the contract applies.

Termination notice

Long Term Bookings: After 2 months, the agreement can be terminated with a 30 day notice. This way you will always have a high degree of flexibility should your living needs change.

Short Term bookings are even more flexible (1-3 months) and have a fixed period, where you only rent the specific period you need, be that 31, 45 or 60 days. (Short term rentals are only available to companies with a structural company agreement).

What are the total costs?

You pay rent and utilities. Prices vary from apartment to apartment. Apartments including pricing are visible here. Other than that there are no hidden fees.

Is end-cleaning / departure cleaning included in the price?

Of course it is. There is ongoing cleaning and maintenance included as well.

Do I have to paint the apartment and sand the floors when I leave?

Nope. That is included in the rent. You are only liable to damages and defaults to the apartment and interior.

Can I do my CPR-registration with your apartments?

Of course you can. Some of our apartments are without registration. The information is available under each apartment. ('Residency Requirement' Yes/no).

What does “residency requirement” mean?

If the apartment has a “yes” to residency requirement on the apartments details (see the website) it means two things: 1) you are obligated to register at the address through the municipality's website, but 2) you actually can register at the address for CPR purposes, which is a great thing for most of our clients. If the apartment has a “no” to residency requirement, this means you cannot register at the address and thus cannot use the particular apartment for CPR registration (public adress registration) either.

How do I watch TV in the apartment?

Your apartment will not have the basic TV-channels, but are instead equipped with a Chromecast. The Chromecast gives you the opportunity to stream all the content you want. And as all TV's connect to the Wifi in the apartment, you can also download the applications directly to TV instead of casting them. Welcome to the 21st century!

What do I do if I need to extend my stay?

If you are planning on extending your apartment, this can be met if the apartment is not already booked by someone else. And this actually happens a lot. So, follow our recommendation, and book the apartment for the longest period you think you are going to be needing it for – and please remember that you have 30 days of termination notice after the first two months stay. In other words, you still have full flexibility.

Contact: Who will assist me?

We will. At all times, as you are never left to yourself when staying with Movinn. And to make it even easier, see the below on how to reach the right departments depending on your respective need of assistance

All service related issues or questions

Need help with issues in the apartment or have questions about your cleaning? Get in touch directly with our Service Team Call +4588338838 and press '2' Write to

All rental and/or extension requests

Are you interested in one of our apartments or need to extend your current stay? Get in touch directly with our Rental Team Call +4588338838 and press '1' Write to Write to

All finance matters about rent and deposit

Do you need any assistance with the financial parts of renting our apartments? Get in touch directly with our Finance Department

We are trusted by many companies and organizations - in all shapes and sizes - and we are experts in providing 'smooth landings' for people in need of a temporary base.

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