CSR Policy

We take our Corporate Social Responsibility serious, and we want to show you how serious we take it.

Why we have a CSR Policy _

We are a small company. In this writing state, we are employing 34 people. However, social responsibility is not something reserved for the large corporations; It is not some abstract thing that trickles down from the multinationals and it is not rocket science.

We are aware of our responsibility as a company. We are a Danish company and we could not be successful without the infrastructure and eco-systems made possible through public spending, such as roads, bridges, airports, fiberoptic internet, free education, university incubation systems, trade-deals, etc.

That is why we have formulated our take on a CSR policy: We wish to carry our load, albeit a drop in the sea, by having fixed principles, values and guidelines from which we conduct business.

When reading this, kindly keep in mind that this is a working document that will evolve as we continue to get larger, older and wiser.

Thank you for reading, Kind Regards,

Patrick Blok Managing Director.

Our focusses _

Overarching Values

Environmental & Sustainability

Diversity in hiring and clients

Staff training

Fair wages and Hiring terms

Anti-corruption and bribery

Health and Safety I - Workplace

Health and safety II - Apartments

Our focusses _


What we say is what we do. What you see is what you get. Our clients – no matter the size of the client - should always expect the same good product and service. Every apartment, furnishing and service has a certain standard and all products and pricing is fully visible on our website.


We run an extra mile for our clients and we always strive to improve and evolve. We are passionate about our service and business and we help each other internally to deliver the best possible product and service to our clients. No one is above the company and nobody is too good – our too high up in the organization – to help each other out in times of need.


We are constantly evolving, and we have a constant focus on the needs and demands of our clients – both in terms of sales and in terms of operations. We are agile and we use forefront technology to develop our own IT-products to deliver a more efficient service to clients and residents.


We service all our clients and residents in a proper and professional manner. We focus on solutions and not on problems. If problems arise, we solve them at as soon as possible and no client is too small to receive the same high standard of professional service.

Environmental & Sustainability Concerns


We buy all our electricity (+300.000 KwH / year) from sustainable power sources, delivered by Danish energy-giant, Orsted ("Green Energy").


Our furniture is sourced from local companies with a high focus on quality and timelessness, like danish design classics from Arne Jacobsen/ Fritz Hansen, Verner Panton/ Montana and GUBI. This way the furniture will live longer and better.


Our papertrail is fully digitalized to limit unnessecary paper usage.


We have limited the use of single-use plastic.


We only use LED / low energy lighting sources (from 2019).


We re-cycle waste by doing proper disposal at municipal waste plants.


We encourage our clients to be mindful of the environment, however we can't control adherence

Cleaning products

We only use environment-friendly, "Eco-label" / approved deterrents.

Short-distance Trnasport

Our service staff use electrical bikes to get around in the city.


Where possible, we have solar-panels on property roofs.

Appliance Lifespan

Where possible, we have soft-water-systems in properties to soften the water and prolong the lifespan on appliances.


We still have staff driving in diesel yellow plate cars. The cars have long mileage, but the cars will be swapped with EV, when they need to be renewed.

We try our hardest to make sure each apartment we have is managed with a focus on sustainability and the environment. From Electricity to the transport used by our service team, Movinn keeps a close eye on a dozen key parts of our process and ensure they are beneficial for both the people using them, and the environment.

Diversity in Clients & Hiring

We don’t accept or employ discrimination when renting apartments to clients. All nationalities and types of tenants and clients are met with the same amount of professionalism, dedication and care. We do obviously not allow any clients to conduct any illegal or immoral activities. That goes without saying.

We don’t accept discrimination in our hiring, and we have an equal opportunity policy for both hiring and advancement within our organization. This spans across social backgrounds, race, age, gender and sexuality. Our employee mix is currently as follows:


Men: 21 (62%)
Women: 13 (38%)
Total: 34 (100%)
Executives: 2 men (50%)
2 women (50%)

Race and Country of Origin

People from all sorts of backgrounds are welcome in our organization. We have employees from the middle east (past), asia, europe and scandinavia.


Our current employee age span ranges from 18 – 61, meaning we are covering all age groups of the active adult work force.

Social Background

We employ people from all social backgrounds, and we give everybody a chance.

Staff training and wages

We don’t accept or employ discrimination We expect our people to deliver a high level of service and so we offer fair wages to motivate these expectations. We also provide private health care insurance and 9% employer paid pensions, for part time employees, The below mentioned wages is + 12,5% vacation contribution annually (“Feriepenge”) / paid vacation.. We support and encourage a good work-life-balance and employ a meaningful degree of flexible work hours.

Part time cleaning staff

Starting wage is 130 DKK / hour. (Average minimum wage in Denmark is 110 DKK).

Part time Service Staff

Starting wage is 140 DKK / hour (Average minimum wage in Denmark is 110 DKK)

Full time Employees

Full-time employees are employed on a 37-hour work week. They are paid competitively according to education, training, skills and experience. They have 5 weeks of holiday a year.

Anti-corruption and bribery

We do not engage in anything that can be interpreted or labelled as anti-corruption and/or bribery. We do regular client care, where we invite partners to events, lunches and give office Christmas presents (i.e. gift baskets or wine). However, we have increased focus on our stakeholders in the public sector and the medicinal sector, where stricter standards apply.
In regard to public officials, we have a 700 DKK maximum gift policy, which is the tax-free maximum under Danish law. Other than that, we would happily invite public officials to join us for lunch or dinner, if such dinner or lunch has a direct and practical purpose, but expenses will always be kept at an ordinary, modest level.

Health and Safety I - Workplace

The company has implemented and enforces a workplace health and safety evaluation (Arbejdspladsvurdering) that is renewed once every three years, as required by Danish law. Last time the evaluation was conducted was in October 2019.
Furthermore, we have a Personel Code of Conduct that is being shared with all employees. Handbook is updated once a year and shared with staff. In here we have a detailed description in place to ensure the best possible workplace environment.

Anti-corruption and bribery

All our apartments comply with the housing health and safety standards under Danish law and are approved for housing and residential purposes.