Furnished & serviced apartments for corporate clients

A kitchen area of one of the movinn apartments

We have profound experience in being a corporate accommodation provider since 2014, and our solutions are designed to fulfill the needs of corporate living to the fullest.

Our approach has been carefully evaluated upon launching and is constantly improving according to evolving corporate rental demands, in order to ensure that our way of providing services and solutions is compliant to solve your needs, whether you are a small business or a larger global corporation.

Settling in the Movinn way

How we support businesses & large corporations with ease

We want to make sure that our corporate housing solutions provide a more cost-effective and comfortable alternative for businesses that need access to temporary housing for their employees, relocating for a temporary or extended period of time.

Discover our locations

We offer cozy temporary homes in prime city locations with high-quality Nordic designed furnishing and premium services. Our locations stretch across major cities in Denmark and Sweden, including a choice between multiple neighbourhoods so you can find your perfect fit.

Simple bedroom of a Copenhagen Coliving apartment

Corporate conditions you will love

No deposit

We do not request a deposit prior to moving in from our corporate clients with a structured supplier agreement. You are only paying for the rent and the utilities (which are fixed) and we will take care of everything else.

Short termination notice

The life of an expat can change in a heartbeat, and if they need to be somewhere else all of a sudden, you are not stuck on a long lease with us. We provide a 30 days termination notice for all company clients to make sure that you do not risk unnecessary expenditures.

Full cost transparancy

We have never met anyone who was happy about receiving extra bills or added costs they were not aware of. And as we are keen on making it easier to settle in, we only operate with two costs: rent and utilities. No final cleaning fees, no end utility bill and no unforeseen expenses. Just add the two costs together and you get the price for a full month's rental.

Simple bedroom of a Copenhagen Coliving apartment

No refurbishment liability

Movinn carries the full internal refurbishment responsibility of all apartments meaning you will never be asked to refurbish the walls or floors in our apartments when moving out. It's simply “pack and go”, leaving only a great service experience behind. That's how we like to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships.

Apartment switching option

If you are worried about your client or employee not being satisfied with their current apartment, worry no more. We exclusively provide all corporate clients with an apartment switching option, enabling your client or employee to simply switch to a better suited available option, completely hassle-free of course. You will never find yourself grounded by our lease agreements - remember, simplicity and flexibility are at the core of our approach.

How we ensure maximum comfort for your international hires day by day

Arriving in a new city and feeling instantly at home within your fully furnished apartment is what we care about, and our complimentary services strive to create this long-lasting feeling. Your international hires are here to take on important work, and this is why we want to guarantee them the most worry-free accommodation solution as possible. To fulfil this goal we provide the following complimentary services included in all our apartments:

A kitchen area of one of the movinn apartments

''From my perspective Movinn has been the go-to temp. apartment provider since they opened for business, and they remain the answer to most of our short -term housing challenges across Denmark.

''From my perspective Movinn has been the go-to temp. apartment provider since they opened for business, and they remain the answer to most of our short -term housing challenges across Denmark.

The quality of apartments is really second to none, and we have been able to count on their support and flexibility more times than I can recall. Whether it is a last-minute request in Odense, a 1½ month lease in Aarhus, an elevator must have, young assignees looking for shared housing or the senior transferee expecting the highest quality and prime location, we have been able to rely on Movinn for a solution.

Movinn's modern rental concept including digital communication, no key logistics to manage, complementary monthly cleaning and a “let's fix – attitude” just sits really well with the tenants we assist.

We will be back for more''

A kitchen area of one of the movinn apartments

Mads Christian Wikke,

"Sales Director"