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Press inquiries

For press inquiries, please don't hesitate to contact our management team below.

Patrick Blok

Managing Director

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How we became Movinn

Our trademarked Company name and logo was thought up by a young and talented marketing-duo, called Made (Andreas Fuchsel & Peter Bundgaard).

'Move' signaling motion, speed and change. It may refer to the mobility of people. And being on the go, moving around the world is a trait that all our Residents have in common.

'Inn' signaling the temporary nature of our Resident's living situation and our ability to deliver the flexibility demanded by our Clients.

Move + inn then became = Movinn.

It is a fitting and good name. And we cherish our good name a lot.

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Mentions in the press

"Træt af hotellet - Movinn er klar med lejligheder på havnen"

Article from Fyens Stiftstidende regarding our launch in Odense.

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"New Plug and Play Apartments in Odense"

Article from Invest in Odense regarding our launch in Odense.

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"Kristian Jensen skal hjælpe boligportal"

Article from Finans regarding the addition of Kristian Jensen to the board.

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