Furnished & serviced apartments for all expats

As an expat, pursuing your dreams and new job opportunities in a new country can be an exciting adventure. However, navigating unfamiliar territory also presents unique challenges that can be daunting to overcome. With the help of Movinn, finding a comfortable and safe place to call home does not need to be one of them.

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Experience apartments made for expats

Since 2014, we have provided soft landings in our fully furnished and serviced apartments for thousands of expats, who moved to a new country for both temporary and permanent work.

We pride ourselves on welcoming everybody with equal amounts of dedication, care and professionalism, catering to all international expats looking for flexible short term rentals.


Settling in the Movinn way


Why you should choose a furnished and serviced apartment for a smooth start

Whether you are relocating permanently to a new country or being temporarily relocated for time-limited project work, it is in our best interest to make your relocation journey as smooth as possible. So, if you want to get settled and familiar with your new surroundings at your own pace, renting a serviced and furnished apartment with Movinn is the way to go. All you have to do is bring your suitcase when moving in and out, feeling fully relaxed and happy after a great stay. We will take take care of you as well as everything else both prior to and during your entire stay, making sure that your rental is thoroughly comfortable and enjoyable.


Rental conditions you will love

We have been fortunate to have encountered thousands of expats from all over the world, and they all seem to be extremely happy to hear about how we approach our line of business.

Electronic access

Our system is designed for you to arrive with electronic access codes, so you can arrive at your own pace completely - no need for time-consuming key handovers.

Flexible termination

Short termination notice that gives you full control over your length of stay - in case the perfect permanent accommodation pops up earlier than expected.

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Low (or no) deposit

We do not request a deposit prior to moving in from our corporate clients with a structured supplier agreement, otherwise the deposit equals one month’s rent.

No refurbishment liability

Movinn carries the full internal refurbishment responsibility of all apartments meaning you will never be asked to refurbish the walls or floors in our apartments when moving out. It’s simply “pack and go”, leaving only a great service experience behind.

Quick deposit processing

Your deposit will be paid back no later than 4 weeks after move-out. So no need to fear experiencing any horror stories, because the only stories we want to be known for is our great service and high quality. (Just don’t set the couch on fire, and we are on the best of terms!)


Flexibility, service, and quality: That's what our customers say


All essentials included

All our apartments come with various complimentary services that we feel are essential to offer you immediate convenience and comfort. Because making yourself a temporary home does not have to be hard.


Comparing upfront expenses

A regular, unfurnished and unserviced apartment can cost you a lot of money in upfront expenses. Other than a substantial financial commitment, you will most likely also spend a lot of time in the process.




Monthly rent

10.000 Dkk

15.000 Dkk

Buying new furniture, kitchenware, electronics, etc.

60.000 Dkk

0 Dkk

Moving & shipping fees

2.500 Dkk

0 Dkk

Assembling furniture, installations, etc.

A lot of money or time


Prepaid rent (1-3 months)

10.000 Dkk

0 Dkk

Cash security deposit*

30.000 Dkk

0 Dkk

Other unforeseen costs (5%)

3.000 Dkk

0 Dkk


115.500 Dkk

15.000 Dkk

And of course

Additional opportunity costs, time and other stress factors

A stress-free and easy process

*No deposit required from corporate clients; 1 month applicable for private tenants


Discover your new home away from home

Our locations stretch across major cities in Denmark and Sweden, including a choice between multiple neighbourhoods so you can find your perfect fit.

Simply select your preferred city on the left and browse all available options.


Furnished with high quality Danish design made to last


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The marble church in copenhagen underneath a pink sunset
The marble church in copenhagen underneath a pink sunset