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The beautiful historic Odense is the third-largest city of Denmark, located roughly in the center of Funen Island. The city was founded at some point during the Viking period, and over the centuries functioned as a trading center for the people from surrounding areas. Known as the birthplace of the fairytale author Hans Christian Andersen, the city proudly embellishes this fact with statues, parades, and monuments in his memory.

Want to get a glimpse into the stories of H.C. Andersen? The beautiful Hans Christian Andersen House is located in the historic quarter and allows you to experience his stories in the best way imaginable. More interested in plays? Odense has a beautiful theatre sitting in the center of Odense, where you can experience everything from Danish plays all the way to international Opera and ballet. If you visit Odense during the summer, you can enjoy Tinderbox, Denmarks 2nd largest music festival. Artists from across the world visit to play pop, rock, and techno of all sorts.

Of course, there are tons more activities and events to be enjoyed within Odense, whether they are themed around H.C. Andersen or focused on showing you the most beautiful flowers during the flower festival, you can be sure to enjoy your stay in this amazing city. Curious about what else can be experienced within Odense? See our news articles below, or go to visitodense to find more inspiration during your stay.

The old industrial harbor in Odense has undergone an impressive transformation the last couple of years. From old shipyards and graineries the area has transformed into residential properties, food markets, restaurants and lots of other recreational offers. And a five-minute walk will take you to the central train-station and the inner city.

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Odense Midtown is a neighborhood just south of the inner city center. The area has a lot of cosy residential clusters and you are close to a lot Odense's malls and shopping options. Odense Midtown also has the University of Southern Denmark, The Science Park and is home to a lot of Odense's corporations. There is also speedy acces to different parts of infrastructure leading in and out of the city.